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Caption of the Webinar.
Good Evening Mavrodians , I am Herlin participating in MMM as we know our last webinar was very successful and today also I hope that this webinar will also be a successful webinar. The topic of this webinar is about the background of MMM as we know that MMM unites the whole world.The Motive of MMM is not only to think about 1 people , 2 people , a dozen of people , or a group of people , but to think about the Whole world. As we know whole world is passing through Poverty and Unemployment which is very very bad for sure and as we know that money is the major cause of surviving in these days, without money we can't survive so we can consider that the money is the root cause of each and every problem.To end this problem , to ruin this all and make people survive from this problem Mr. Sergey Mavrodi introduced MMM in Russia in 1989 and in a very less period of time it got very much popularity and Mavro was the currency introduced by Mr. Mavrodi was Mavro , soon the people started purchasing mavro with Rubles , currency of Russia. Soon the Russian Government found that everyone was doing transactions with mavro rather than Rubles, they were feared from his system whereas people were very happy and overjoyed by this system , it was like a stock market the rate of mavro was consequently 
increasing as all were purchasing only mavro. Soon 1/3rd of Russia's Money disappeared as they all started buying mavro and all the Rubles were collected in the big jars.People were getting interest up-to 1000% on there money which is very very big , which means that if one person is purchasing Mavro of 1$ he will be getting interest on his mavro of up-to 1000$ it's unbelievable but it actually happened in Russia.Then the government made a plan to Close this system with a urgency and they  started planning how to close this system? because they were feared that Mr. Mavrodi is a very genius person and soon he will be the most powerful celeb of Russia , and governments powers will turn to zero so they finally sent a arrest warrant to Mr. Mavrodi and arrested him by shutting this system , Government found 17 tanks of 40 feet filled up-to the top only with dollars and Rubles. As the government knew that Sergey is a powerful person with a powerful thinking that's why he introduced the plan and started his currency on the place of 1/3rd of the currency of Russia , which is not a small achievement.When Sergey was Arrested , At that time people started rallies on road they fought for Sergey to make him out of the jail but the government didn't bail him , because they knew that to make him free will create a trouble for the government . In 2008 he came out of the Jail and as he was a good author also so he started writing books and also he started thinking that what was his weak point regarding the shut of MMM in 90's , then he thought that the main weak point was that he was collecting all the money from the people , and people was showing their trust  that's why they submit there money and started purchasing mavro and soon he thought not to collect money with him either to make this money to circulate among people so that no one can shut this system. So he started distributing the money among people and the people now  who wants to provide help and they provide help to those who wants to get help once the people doing provide help wants get help so someone another who wants to provide help comes to them and help them so now all works like this , that's why MMM is now unstoppable. Now MMM can't be stopped by anyone as now Sergey Mavrodi is not running MMM. We are running MMM.MMM is the power. MMM is not the MLM.MMM is not the Scam , and now I am Happy to announce that MMM has now touched more than 65 + Countries with MMM Nigeria which is a great achievement. According to Mr. Sergey Mavrodi , the world is like a theater where each and everyone is supposed to get each seat but it's not happening like that everyone is not getting their seats. some people are occupying 10,000 seats 50,000 seats and majority of the people are still standing , this story relates with our Economic System where some are having Millions , Billions of Dollars whereas on the other hand some people even don't have a bite of chapatti to eat. which is totally unfair and Sergey Mavrodi started MMM 2011 with a dream that in the coming years no one will be poor everyone will be occupying that seat. Just think Sergey Mavrodi was having this much money in 90's he can also think to run away but this is not his plan , his plan is to change the world. Sergey Mavrodi is living in a small Flat , he does not think that he should lead an Luxurious Life because he is the Admin of MMM , he don't think like that. He says that in MMM there is no boss and no employee every one is having the same status.There is no system that tells his bad past to people but we think that if you are participating in MMM so you should know the past of MMM.
Sergey Mavrodi says that Currency is just the mean of Exchange , the value of that currency should be understood by the Two people who are doing transactions the other one have no reason to stop them. For instance if Mr. William gives a piece of feather to Mr. John and asks to give him a Brand new Android Phone and than Mr. John agree to it , then the third person has nothing to interfere because Mr. John and Mr. William is giving a worth to that piece of feather , if Mr. William understands the value of that feather and Mr. John doesn't know the value then Mr. John will never give that Mobile on the piece of feather to them as the value of feather is only understood by only one not by both , and in return Mr. john will say (laughing) if you want you can make a call from my mobile but will never give you this phone instead of that feather. Like the same the Government had given some value to the currency that is understood by everyone so it works , else there is nothing different in the piece of note or coin it doesn't have any gold coverings or something special but it's just a mutual understanding , like the same MMM is the mutual
understanding among people around the world that's why MMM is running very smoothly in Indonesia , Russia , Malaysia , India , Bangladesh , Nepal  , China , Singapore , etc and now in Nigeria. It is the golden opportunity to you people so go ahead and understand this system from our leaders who are promoting this system in Nigeria  there name and Contact number is mentioned in the Description of the video. 

MMM is also in politics in Russia , Leaders of MMM had also made there party in Russia and now working hard to win the elections.

If you know , 2 years ago there was a news on T.V that Millions of dollars are being spent to find that whether water is there on Mars or not , and at the same time we got news that in South Africa majority of people were dying due to thirst and presence of no water , is that fair ? That's why we are making a Common Community to Help others so that we should also get help in our bad times. how it would be if someone works so long and get online 30 or 40$  per month , and how it would be if he do his work as well as do MMM and get 150-200$ from MMM as well as 30-40$ from his work how nice it would be  isn't it?

Everyone has the greed and one day will come when there greed will be fulfilled , that day it's my request if you find any hungry poor please make him feed because i know 
if you participate in MMM , you want to change this world you also wanted to finish unemployment be a leader , and Join us.! 

If everyone has 2 arms , 2 legs , 2 eyes , 1 heart , 1 brain then why don't we have the same money ? we have to clear this poorness not only from Nigeria but from the
whole world are you coming with us? 

MMM gives you 50% monthly compounding interest , so why don't you join it , if you are still feared then try us with a small amount like 200 naira , 300 naira , 500 naira
1000 naira , once you got your payment back you will feel Good and then your belief will develop and and then the time will come when you will make deposit with your 
own will.

We will never stop , will never run , we just have to walk and change the world , because our Good Future will not come to us we have to walk towards it and reach it.

There is one more Good News For You we have opened our Website - www.mmmnigerian.weebly.com you can visit there and read more about us.You can be updated with our News panel which is directly given on our Website.Please Go ahead at-least listen to us read our plans and motives before ignoring or rejecting it.
So this is all about . 
Visit us on our Website - www.mmmnigerian.weebly.com
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Long Live MMM
Long Live MMM
Long Live MMM
We Can Do Alot.
<![CDATA[WEBINAR]]>Mon, 07 Jul 2014 15:29:20 GMThttp://mmmnigerian.weebly.com/news/webinarMMM Nigeria Webinar

Time - 17:00 (5:00 PM) Nigeria Time
SpeakerHerlin Puspasari

As it is a FREE Webinar so everyone is invited to join the webinar on YouTube
Webinar Link will be provided by Tomorrow at 4:00 PM Sharp 

Join The Event On Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/events/1439484596324506
<![CDATA[How to create an Assignment for Provide Help ?]]>Mon, 07 Jul 2014 10:16:35 GMThttp://mmmnigerian.weebly.com/news/how-to-create-an-assignment-for-provide-help
<![CDATA[Provide Help v/s Get Help]]>Fri, 04 Jul 2014 10:55:46 GMThttp://mmmnigerian.weebly.com/news/provide-help-vs-get-helpI heartly Congratulate to both Of Them for This Success.

First Get Help From Nigeria :-

First Provide Help From Nigeria :-

<![CDATA[Good News Nigerians!]]>Fri, 04 Jul 2014 10:04:33 GMThttp://mmmnigerian.weebly.com/news/good-news-nigeriansThe day finally came to us for which we were waiting so long. Yes , Finally the dispatcher is started.I think you all will be very happy after receiving this news.! Ahh.. We know , we do these things to see the happiness on your faces and you will be more happy when you will see the system is working smoothly.So Come on and do a pledge today that you will not do any fraud with this System.
One More Good News For You.
After watching the statistics of MMM Nigeria , Finally Mr. Sergey Mavrodi decided to announce a bonus of 20$ to each and every Participant , who is participating in MMM Nigeria.

So you need to do is to fill your Bank Details in System Account and then make the Get Help.

So today you are having two Good News : 
1. Dispatcher is Successfully Started 
2. Mr. Sergey Mavrodi Announces a Free bonus of 20$ for all the Participants of Nigeria.

So Have a Nice Day. 
Keep Promoting MMM

We also trust the the financial apocalypse is inevitable
We Can Do alot.
<![CDATA[Be aware of these TROLLS!!]]>Tue, 01 Jul 2014 17:22:18 GMThttp://mmmnigerian.weebly.com/news/be-aware-of-these-trollsAttention! 

Dear Mavrodians, Mr. Amit Mishra is trying to mislead the people of MMM Nigeria and MMM India as well so please don't trust him. 

Now people can join MMM from any country and MMM was started in 1989. (You can read more about MMM on Google for more clarification) .These people are Trolls and money-minded , they just don't want that MMM should run smoothly.

We are very sorry Mavrodians.! People like Amit, as they did not achieve anything in their life so they just keep on writing lies for money.So Don't Believe them. MMM Is now Unstoppable.

Long Live MMM!!
We Can Do Alot.
<![CDATA[MMM Contact Center]]>Sun, 29 Jun 2014 16:17:24 GMThttp://mmmnigerian.weebly.com/news/mmm-contact-centerContact Center Started For MMM Nigeria.
Now people Can Clear their Doubts from the consultants present over there.
So Go Ahead. To Join Our Contact Center please send us an E-mail on mmmnigeria.com@weebly.com
<![CDATA[We All Can Develop MMM!]]>Mon, 23 Jun 2014 19:33:46 GMThttp://mmmnigerian.weebly.com/news/we-all-can-develop-mmmMMM NEEDS YOUR HELP TO GROW..!
Hello Mavrodians!

We know that you were in the rush of finding new participants and we really 
appreciate you for that. Today we got an fantastic idea. 
You know why you all were writing " Letter Of Happiness " ? - To attract new participants.

 But now we got a new plan.This Will make MMM king of    Facebook Trending List
As we know you put many posts about MMM daily , you just need to bring one change in your posts , only a small change

Just Follow The Step Below :

Step - 1 : Whenever you put any post about MMM on Facebook , at that time at the end of the post you just put #MMMNigeria #MMMWorld
(Write at your own do not copy paste these tags)
Like This You can Share your Experience with MMM by writing these hash-tags. The one who is attracted by your Message may join with you too. ))

Benefits :

MMM will appear on the Top Trending List of Facebook Soon : 

and it will also give a long life to MMM Nigeria , and this will make MMM Nigeria more popular. MMM has requested something for the first time and it is also for the benefit for you people 
So must follow this rule.

Long Live MMM
We trust that the financial apocalypse is inevitable.
We Can Do alot.

<![CDATA[MMM Nigeria - Title Song]]>Sun, 22 Jun 2014 18:17:06 GMThttp://mmmnigerian.weebly.com/news/mmm-nigeria-title-songYou Can Share it on Facebook , Twitter also with your Friends and Relatives

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/joPe9K4oBo8" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

<![CDATA[MMM NIGERIA - WEBSITE OPENED]]>Tue, 17 Jun 2014 19:26:17 GMThttp://mmmnigerian.weebly.com/news/mmm-nigeria-website-openedWelcome !!
Hello Mavrodians, I am happy to announce that we had created our website  http://mmmnigerian.weebly.com/ and from now onwards you will be getting all the updates here. 

Only you have to follow this website. No other craps should be considered.

We Can Do Alot.!